Vanessa. 16. Guatemalan.

Happy Birthday to this girl🎉right idk where i would be without her shes my bests friend👭 and so much more we have many up and downs but we’ve managed threw them even when we were apart i can’t wait to do college with her💕🎉 i hope you have an amazing birthday baby😘💕 i love you mucho❤️#legal
Beach Days are Life💕🌊 #beach
I’m glad i got to see you one last time before you leave❤️ i will miss you so much😭you were always there for me when i need to smile, your a great friend and i know you’ll do great in Atlanta always keep your head up high boo👑😘 i hope to see you soon love you and take care💕
Black Widow Baby➰
These past 14 years have been a blessing having you as a father💕 i just want to wish you a🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARGENT/DADDY🎉I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK❤️ i hope you have an amazing day😊
"Because when i’m with you my heartbeat isn’t normal" ❤️
-Le Babe
Speedy Gonzalez💞 #elprimo
Got to spend 4th of july with my Main Chick❤️ #thebae #shesmine
Happy 18th Birthday to my best friend/sister👭your so annoying sometimes and a pain in the ass but most of all your a princess👑(cause your so picky for everything) but that what makes you so special and amazing (besides having great collar bones😏) i’m so happy we got super close you’ve taught me so much and have been there for my since day 1 in middle school you taught me all about dance if it weren’t for you i would have never joined i hope college does you good but i also hope we get to Facetime and do our crazy shit like we always do😁 i complete lobe you sooop much😉 i hope you have a great rest of the day babes😘 YOU LEGAL PUTA💋 #shealegalbaddie #TURNUP #BABES
Welcome to the family Roberto Carlos Cardenas💕 #newbaby
I couldn’t have done it with out them i love you two so much you two are the reason why i keep going especially to be a role model to my little one💕 i love you and thank you for all your support couldn’t have done it without you two❤️
College and dance will never be the same without you babes i will miss you a ton thank you for making high school a great experience, you better not forget about me in college💁i lobe you babes 😘💕💋❤️👯#piccollage #babes #dancebuddie
Good Vibes⚓️